banned commercial Smart car

smart commercial for a smart car.

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If they played this just once on Disney, half the American population would die in a matter of seconds.

I think it would be OK, if showtime would be after “bedtime”. It is pretty cool idea for a car ad.

I’m not really sure I understand why people don’t think this should be banned. It presents a dozen semi-graphic or implied murders including strangulation by plastic bag. It’s an ok commercial, but even by that standard I don’t understand why you’d advertise for no back seats.

Now knowing that this runs on Fox Crime, it seems alot more clever and applicable. Just out of place on other channels.

Stand by a motor way during rush hour and count how many cars have more than 2 passengers. Smart cars are usually sold as city cars…

banned for stupidity…. why would you advertise that there are no back seats?… isn’t that a bad thing…?!

Why is this banned? I mean, what`s so bad about peo[ple killing people in a back seat, giving the impression that back-seated cars will hold killers to kill you? I mean, what’s so bad aobut that….( god those idiot writers……..)

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