Any one out there own a Smart Car?

smart car

Does anyone in this community own a Smart Car or knows of someone who does?
If so, what can you tell me about them? Given the cost of gasoline these days, I am giving some serious consideration to purchasing one.
How are they on gas mileage? Can two people drive a long distance in one of these, say on vacation, and continue to remain on friendly terms when all is said and done.
If I overlooked anything, please feel free to offer me whatever advice you deem prudent.

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I know lots about them.
The ones sold in America are called the Smart Fortwo.
they came out in 1998 in Europe so they are really old designs with older technology.
Smart is owned by Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz’s are not reliable cars, expensive to maintain, and use premium gas.
It is the same for the 71HP 3 cylinder Mercedes Benz engine used in the Smart Fortwo.
This is also the slowest car in America and ONLY GETS 41mpg highway.
That is bad gas mileage for a car that small and weak. It should be getting 50mpg highway.

The Faster, more reliable, larger, cheaper, Honda Civic gets similar gas mileage and go’s much faster.

The 10 year old Smart Fortwo also costs $11,500 with no options. No A/C or power windows or locks. No CD player.

The price goes up to $18,000 with all of the options for the convertible version.

I personally don’t have a Smart car, but I have some experience with them, and have read countless reviews. It’s a neat idea, but falls flat in areas of importance. It works well in Europe, but not here. First off, it’s way too expensive (blame the weak dollar – that’s the reason it works in Europe). Second, it does not get nearly the gas mileage it should get, not to mention, it uses PREMIUM gas! Also, from reviews that I’ve seen, it rides rough, it’s noisy, and just overall isn’t that great. For the same price, you can get a Honda Fit (or similar), which is waaaay more practical, more seats, equal mileage, much more power, uses regular fuel, and has a wider dealer network and servicing abilities. The Smart is interesting, but not good enough. You’re better of with Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent/Elantra, or something like that if you’re looking at mileage. Honda Fit is my top choice.

I know someone who owns one,
the tank holds 10 gallons, in comparison to many other cars that hold 16 gallons or more
it gets a little more then 350 miles to the tank
The VW diesel Gold gets over 500 on a 12/16 gallon tank

I read an article that it is better to buy a cheaper used car, or even a brand new car like under 11000 dollars because over 10 years you’ll have saved more then purchasing a car that cost 20000 dollars

as far as a road trip, the car doesn’t matter, as long as it is reliable, and you have good insurance, the friendly terms has no difference on the car you’re in, because the conversation will be the same

just remember while traveling if you need to or want to stop, say it,
Hey I need to stop because I have to go to the bathroom and I am hungry, do you want anything?

Hi, I had up to 2003 a “for two” and from 2005 a smart roadster( unfortunatelly you’ll not see it but do you remeber the dodge sling shot?same car different design)… I can say that they are great…. I changed the first one at 103.000 km in 3 years when I’ had an accident ( all services made and just the turbo changed at 65.000 km).the roadster has 47.000 km now and i’ve replaced just the top( in warranty)
great city cars
really low consumption
safe car
2 comfortable seats and enough space for baggages
low gear box
expensive services and spare parts( in Italy mercedes service often do it)
no value for money ( in Italy it is fashionable)
It’s bigger…safer
2 engines are available (in Italy) a preatty new gasoline ( 61-71 or 84 horsepower)
and a revised diesel
there is a 5 gear box instead of the 6 old one

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