Amazing Stretch Limousines – From Smart Cars To Maybach’s

This features the ultimate Limousine collection, From the 1960 VW Beetle to the Rolls Royce Phantom & Maybach 62S Stretch Limo’s Also Includes: Ferrari F40, F360 Lamborghini Diablo, Countach, VW Passat, Beetle, Porcshe Cayenne, BMW 760Li, Hummer H2, The worlds longest Limo at 100 FEET!!!!!!!! (oh plus a Boeing 727 Limo not to mention!) After you watch this, It will make your car look like a little matchbox car. Enjoy!

7 replies on “Amazing Stretch Limousines – From Smart Cars To Maybach’s”

Love the plane at 1:02. Is that a 737?
The one at 2:21 is an obvious fake though.
Great video, thanks for posting. 🙂

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