600hp smart car – widebody smart forfour

Smart Car of America – This crazy smart car was built for hillclimb racing. It’s powered by a 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder turbo engine, has carbon fiber body, rollcage and everything a real race car needs.

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I think what will happen is the smart will bounce off and hit an another car which follows it or etc. And yeah, it is likely that the passengers will receive insumountable damage, in any way.

haha they put the dummy on a wheelchair “Get the stretcher!!! We’re losing him!!” o.O

I would not wanna be in that smart car, you bounce off one car and hit another one going 40 miles per hour, then bounce off that and etc…

They need to go get an old Volvo to crash into a Smart, if you did that I would bet money the Volvo would still work after that crash.

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